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All of our Annual Memberships get you 10% off all non-sale items on our online store. For those who are local to our area and would like to use our shooting range we have our standard Annual Range Membership for both individuals and families. The 10% discount on all non-sale items would be valid both online and in store while also giving you unlimited range time and rentals for a year. For individuals an Annual Range Membership starts at $350 and Annual Family Range Memberships start at $400. Now introducing the family and idividual platinum pass, for $550 or $600, you can get all the benifets of the annual memberships with the new additional benfits to include, Unlimited use of rental guns provided by Leadfeather Guns and Ammo. 10% off all purchases at leadfeather guns and ammo (excluding sale items). Six guest passes for the range. 1 pass for Polk Sporting clays for 50 shots. Every membership is also enrolled to win $6,000 worth in prices throughout the year.